sreda, 17. oktober 2007


I'm Jan Ožbot and I come from Miren near Nova Gorica. I'm 21 years old. I have one sister. In my free time I play footbal in the Bilje Football Club, I watch TV and I ride a motorbike. Last year I complete the secundary school on Techincal School Center in Nova Gorica. This year I enrol to vocational college title of Mechatronics Engineer on Techical School Center in Nova Gorica.

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Saša pravi ...

Hi Jan! How long have you been playing football? What is your favorite Tv programme?

roby pravi ...

heloo janč
how are you
whay is boštjan so happy

Ožbot pravi ...

I play football 10 years. first seven years I play for Adria Football Club in Miren and then I play last three years for Bilje Football Club. My favorite TV program... hm... Discovery canel.